GeoSLAM was founded in 2012 and is a joint venture between CSIRO and 3D Laser Mapping.

Role of the modern surveyor is rapidly changing as demands grow to quickly and accurately capture, manage and utilise 3D spatial information. Many surveyors need to work in hazardous environments (such as live construction sites or in buildings being renovated), as well as in complex and difficult to access spaces where there is limited or no GPS coverage (such as heritage buildings with thick stone walls). And they will often have a very limited time on site to accurately create a 3D model. Access to user friendly technology that can quickly scan multi-level environments and produce accurate and high quality 3D survey data can be a game-changer for surveyors.

System Features:

  • Highly Portable
  • IP-64
  • No need of GPS
  • Works on SLAM Algorithm

Benefits of GeoSLAM:

  • Rapid scanning with time
  • "Go anywhere" mobile mapping
  • Saves time and money
  • Proven technology
  • User Friendly Software


  • Buildings
  • Forestry
  • Mining-Underground and stockpile
  • Marine
  • Security

Sucess Story


Recently, the upgradation in traditional surveying technologies is becoming a game changer to the industry like using drones for aerial surveying & terrestrial laser scanners for LIDAR survey.Not only this, these technologies are much faster then the traditional technologies which were used in old days for surveying & mapping applications.

Recently Shotam instruments PvtLtd also got a chance on one exciting project, i.e, for the 3D mapping of Reigl Theatre with Geoslam Zeb Revo Laser Scanner. Regal Theatre was one of the oldest cinema in Connaught Place Area of Delhi & constructed by the architect Walter Sykes George. The theatre was opened in 1935 & finally close down on 31 March 2017 only to return as a mutiplex. While working on this project, we are not only amazed by the architectural details but also amazed by the range and as well as the efficiency of LIDAR for surveying. The total scanning time was of around 3-4 hour (as we need to map each & every corners of the building) along with more then 1 billion of points.